Nuclear Decommissioning

Matom has extensive experience of decommissioning work, with highly qualified staff that include technical consultants, radiation protection advisers, project managers, health physics monitors / technicians, and skilled operatives.



Matom has extensive experience of decontamination and remediation of land and buildings contaminated with radioactive and other hazardous materials. Combining our experience of standard decontamination techniques Matom is also the exclusive operator of a unique decontamination process.


Nuclear Power

Matom have many years of experience in the Nuclear Power industry at every level of consultancy and provision of manpower including Health Physicists and Engineers. We provide total life cycle support including new builds, processing, decommissioning as well as general engineering support.


Engineering Construction

Matom support engineering construction within the nuclear sector with expertise and staff


Oil and Gas

The use of sealed radioactive sources is ubiquitous within the oil and gas exploration and processing industries. Matom provides Radiation Protection Advisers (RPAs) and Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS) who ensure compliance with UK and international statutes for the environment, health and safety.

and Gas

Business Resilience and Risk Management

Matom’s R2R Solutions provide a holistic Business Resilience and Risk Management package through Assessment, Prevention, Protection, and Recovery.

Resilience and


23 September 2019
Fuel removal completed at Wylfa

10 September 2019
Calder Hall: First nuclear power station emptied of fuel

10 September 2019
Waste storage refused at Hinkley Point A

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Welcome to Matom….

A leading UK based company, with an international presence and a portfolio of technical excellence.

Matom is an established provider of  decontamination solutions, radiological protection, business resilience, risk management and engineering services. The experience of Matom spans several decades in the UK, Europe, Middle East, United States, Canada, and the former Soviet Union. The company provides support to a wide variety of sectors, bringing with it operational expertise, flexibility, and customer understanding.

Matom provide into the life cycle of nuclear power and processing plants, from new build to reactor support, decommissioning, and waste processing.