Unit 2 of Haysham II breaks a world record

Unit 2 of the Heysham II nuclear power plant on the north west coast of England yesterday broke the world record for the continuous operation of a commercial nuclear power reactor. The reactor is due to be taken offline next month for maintenance.

As of 1 August, the Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor (AGR) achieved 895 days of continuous operation, having operated non-stop since 18 February 2014. The reactor – also referred to as Heysham 2 unit 8 – is scheduled to continue operating until 16 September, when it will be taken offline for a planned maintenance and inspection outage. Assuming the unit carries on operating until that time, it would have run continuously for 941 days.

The world record for continuous operation of light water reactors, which need to be shut down for refuelling, resides with Exelon’s LaSalle 2 boiling water reactor. In February 2007 this unit was shut down after a run of 739 days, shortly after unit 1 at the plant completed a 711 days of uninterrupted generation. Calvert Cliffs 2 set a world record for continuous operation of a pressurized water reactor in February 2009, having operated without interruption for 693 days.

Courtesy of WNN