Nuclear power:

Matom provide both consultancy and operatives to the nuclear power industry.


Matom Nuclear Operatives include General Duties Assistants, Decontaminators, and Decontaminator Supervisors. These have a wide skill base and include tradesmen with a variety of backgrounds.


General Duties Assistants

Maintain change rooms and barriers, work in laundry, support dressing/undressing in C3 conditions.

Staff have a good understanding of contamination control procedures and experience of working at Nuclear Power Plants.


Able to perform plant decontamination activities and decontamination of tools and equipment. Can perform radiological surveys of plant, tools, and components.

Staff are typically training for Health Physics Monitor status, and can use at a basic level suitable portable contamination monitoring equipment. Individuals will frequently have other skills e.g. fork lift truck operation, rigging.

Decontaminator Supervisor

Work to programmed timescales in a safe manner. Carry out job briefs, toolbox talks, provide radiological engineering support, including the preparation and delivery of pre-job ALARP briefs

Staff are experienced supervisors, and can direct and control decontamination of large plant areas.


Matom supply teams to projects to support a variety of customer commitments. The service can include a coordinator as part of the site management organisation to enhance the performance of large shift teams.

Our Nuclear Operatives are classified workers, and are security cleared to SC level, with some having clearance to DV level.