Oil And Gas

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The use of sealed radioactive sources, and the propensity unsealed sources such as Normally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) or TENORM (Technically Enhanced NORM) contamination, are ubiquitous within the Oil and Gas exploration and processing industries. Recent international legislation has placed the responsibility for controlling exposure to employees, and minimising discharge, on operators.

Matom provides a range of consultancy and operational services to the onshore/offshore Oil and Gas sector including;


  • Radiological Protection Advisors
  • Operational Health Physics Surveyors/Surveys
  • Waste Engineers
  • Decontamination operations
  • Proprietary decontamination technologies
  • Training

Meeting obligations to statutes and guidance is achieved through prior risk assessment, As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) assessments, operational procedures, and audit; our RPAs have extensive knowledge of these requirements and provide operationally focussed compliance at all stages of the risk management process.

Matom also train staff in the use of field monitoring equipment and best practice for minimising exposure to sealed and unsealed sources. In addition, we train Radiation Protection Supervisors who have the responsibility in the field for ensuring control systems are in place for minimising exposure to radioactive sources.

More information regarding our training provision can be found here.

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