Decontamination from Matom

With decades of experience Matom provide an extensive portfolio of decontamination solutions from the simple to the highly challenging contamination in many different sectors including nuclear, oil and gas, mining and natural resources.

Additionally, Matom can provide chemical decontamination for complex components, especially where the contamination is on the inside of the component or on soft surfaces that are unsuitable for physical decontamination methods such as shot blasting. Through our sister company Mdecon, we are able to offer a comprehensive chemical decontamination suite that can be tailored to individual projects both from the perspective of the materials to be cleaned and from the desired waste form manufactured through the processing regime.

Mdecon has technical specialists with several decades of decontamination experience are able to offer bespoke techniques for cleaning of systems from small scale such as pumps to full reactor decontamination processes. A fully comprehensive up front artefact testing programme for materials compatibility with the decontamination processing conditions is offered to ensure a smooth scale up process with no risk of adverse reaction affecting an on site operation.

In-situ cleaning processes towards decommissioning operations are carefully planned to allow a significant portion of the activity in difficult to reach areas to be removed allowing man access for the dismantling process to be carried out with minimal operator dose and significant cost reduction.