Radioactive contamination fears extends fishing ban at Dalgety Bay

A stretch of beach at Dalgety Bay has been fenced off.

The BBC reports that the Scottish Parliament has extended emergency restrictions preventing fishing in the Dalgety Bay area. The  ban prevents the gathering of seafood and bait in the area where there are concerns about radioactive contamination.

The radiation is believed to originate from WW2 aircraft instruments which were painted using radium which was used to allow pilots to see the dials in low light. The government said the ban has been extended until the area had been given the all clear.

Radiation was originally discovered at by accident 20 years ago and since then in excess of 2,000 radioactive objects and particles have been removed from a section of the beach.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) believes the waste has come from MoD activities because radium luminised dials, with numbers on the back, can be traced back to MoD aircraft.