Radiation Awareness for Operatives

This course is aimed at operatives/workers with little or no knowledge of working in potential radiation environments, to familiarise them with the risks and provide an understanding of safe working practices.

The course objectives are:

  • Provide an understanding of what ionising radiation is, and its different types;
  • Provide an overview of the biological effects of ionising radiation and understand the associated risks;
  • Clarify the duties and requirements of the employer of classified workers;
  • Provide an overview of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 (IRR99);
  • Explain the practice of ‘As Low As Reasonably Practicable’ (ALARP) principles.
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Use of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) such as respirators and breathing apparatus
  • Working at heights via the use of ladders and scaffolding
  • Working in confined spaces

This course can be undertaken in conjunction with the Nuclear Triple Bar:

The Triple Bar is three short courses which have been designed with UK industry involvement to prepare individuals requiring unescorted access to nuclear sites. All of the courses within the Triple Bar suite have been developed to Nuclear Industry Standards and can be recorded on the Nuclear Skills Passport.

The training is focused at a fundamental level to introduce the requirements for compliance, nuclear awareness and industry behaviours for working in the nuclear industry. Sites may test your knowledge upon arrival onsite depending on the length of time from your completion of these courses to ensure knowledge retention.

Basic Nuclear Industry Behaviours (BNIB)

The BNIB provides 4 learning outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of event and ‘near miss’ reporting and the application of learning from experience.
  • Understand the importance of safe behaviours and safety culture.
  • Understand Human Performance tools and techniques for the prevention of error.
  • Understand what workplace observation is and why it is carried out.

Basic Nuclear Industry Context (BNIC)

The BNIC provides three learning outcomes:

  • Know about radiation and contamination for safe working in the nuclear industry.
  • Know about the history of nuclear, the lesson learned for future safe operation and how nuclear energy is produced and used.
  • Know about the importance of nuclear safety culture and the need for compliance within the industry.

Basic Common Induction Standard (BNIS)

The BCIS provides three learning outcomes:

  • An awareness of the legislation that applies to licensed nuclear sites in the UK.
  • An awareness that for safe working in close proximity to radiological hazards, special conditions exist.
  • An awareness of the security requirements and behavioural expectations that exist for working on a licensed nuclear site in the UK.

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