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Reflexcell™ by Blizzard Protection Systems is the warmest material for its weight in the world.

Reflexcell™ is used by military and emergency medical staff around the world. The small compact size and highly efficient insulation properties of this material places it as the world leader in the prevention and treatment of hypothermia.

Reflexcell™ is a unique material. Manufactured using the highest quality materials and constructed to maximise thermal properties whilst minimising weight.

The Reflexcell™ material performance is unaffected by weather conditions such as wind or rain.

The British Royal Air Force carry Reflexcell™ in every aircraft in operation including fast jets, fixed wing and rotary aircraft. US Military Medics including Special Forces also rely on the performance and portability of Reflexcell™ for the treatment of battlefield casualties.

Tried and tested in some of the coldest places on earth, Reflexcell™ has proven to not only perform well but to save lives.

All Reflexcell™ products are available as both passive or active heating products.

The Blizzard Heat (with active heating) is used by medical personnel in many military organisations around the world and is recommended in the PHTLS handbook. With Velcro™ access on both sides and down the front, access to casualties is both simplified and reduces the amount of heat loss whilst taking stats and treating patients. Using air-activated heat packs the Blizzard Heat generates around 42c after approximately 5 minutes of opening and maintains this temperature for up to 24 hours.

All Reflexcell™ products are CE approved and have NSN numbers