Matt Tuck – UK Principle Expert to the British Standards Institute (BSI)

Matt Tuck (Managing Director of Matom Ltd) has been appointed as the UK Principle Expert to the British Standards Institute (BSI). Representing the UK, Mr Tuck is part of the European Committee for Citizen and Social Security Work Group – CBRN (CEN/TC 391)

With over 25 years experience in the nuclear sector in the UK, and around the World, Mr Tuck brings a wealth of knowledge pertaining to radiological protection, CBRN and counter-terrorism including the unique experience of the UK’s only CBR incident, that of Matom’s decontamination and cleanup of the Millennium Hotel, Mayfair, London following the poisoning of the Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko on 2006 with the radioactive isotope polonium 210.

CEN is committed to overcome the fragmentation of the European security market  to facilitate the introduction of innovative products , by providing interoperability between new and existing security products and services, and to diminish the EU citizens’ vulnerability to different kind of security threats.

Under the direction of the Standards Policy and Strategy Committee, this committee is responsible for being the focal point for the development of standards for societal security in the UK and to monitor and mirror the work of ISO TC 223 – Societal Security, and CEN/BT WG 161- Protection and Security of the Citizen, and other appropriate relevant national and international bodies.