Matom Attend NDA Chinese Delegation Event

Matom were selected to present to delegates from China’s nuclear industry in attendance at the Nuclear Decommissioning Agency’s Harwell site in early February this year. The aim of the presentation was to describe our role as suppliers of a unique surface and subsurface decontamination technology.

The delegation included representatives from China National Nuclear Corporation, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Company, China Atomic Energy Authority, National Nuclear Safety Administration and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. In addition to the presentation, Matom also took the opportunity provided during the reception to speak to the delegates, members of UKTI and NDA representatives.

Attendees were introduced to the TechXtract® process and given an overview of its capabilities for reducing the cost, waste and complexity considerations associated with removal of chemical and radionuclide contamination.

For more information on the event please link here.