Magnox announce re-structuring

On 21st May Magnox announced a restructure of the organisation.

Across the organisation, there is expected to be a reduction of between 1,400-1,600  across the 12 sites over the period to September 2016. This reduction includes staff, agency and contract resource.

Magnox is now going through a period of formal collective consultation with the recognised Trade Unions and individual consultation and counselling staff before an appropriate best fit exercise begins.

The restructure follows the NDA’s appointment of CFP (Cavendish/Flour Partnership), last September, as the new Parent Body Organisation (PBO) for two of the NDA’s Site Licence Companies (SLCs), Magnox Ltd and Research Sites Restoration Ltd. The appointment followed a two-year competitive procurement process launched in 2012, with the primary aim of delivering a more efficient, effective programme within agreed funding levels. The NDA is confident that the Magnox contract will deliver savings for the taxpayer of approximately £1 billion over the full contract period compared with previous plans.