International Fact-finding Mission Leader Launches Mission in Tokyo

The leader of the International Fact-Finding Mission, Mr. Mike Weightman, Britain’s top nuclear safety inspector, arrived in Tokyo on 24 May 2011 to begin his study of the nuclear situation in Japan. Following its agreement with the Government of Japan, the IAEA organized and dispatched the mission, consisting of a team of nuclear experts from 12 countries who will prepare a report for the Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Safety at IAEA headquarters in Vienna on 20 to 24 June.

The International Fact-Finding team is scheduled to continue its meetings on 25 May 2011 with senior Japanese officials. Later in the week, the team will also conduct site visits to nuclear power plants at Tokai, Fukushima Daini and Fukushima Daiichi.

Mission team members are international experts in a number of disciplines including: safety assessment and defence-in-depth; the effects of earthquake, tsunami, explosions and after-shocks on structures, systems and controls; severe accident analysis and management procedures; external events assessment; emergency preparedness and response; spent fuel management under severe degradation; and radiological consequences.


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