Indian Crisis Teams to Receive WMD Response Training

Crisis management teams throughout India are to receive training in handling a disaster involving chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear materials, the Times of Indiareported on Monday.

National Disaster Management Authority Vice President M. Shashidhar Reddy said a training facility is to be set up in Nagpur and property has also been set aside in each Indian state for the construction of CBRN disaster response schools.

States are to be assigned to create their own crisis responder teams, which would be made ready to deal with the aftermath of a WMD attack, he said. Additionally, every atomic energy reactor in India is to have an emergency response team located in the vicinity in case of an accident.

“Already four battalions of the central paramilitary forces, drawn into the disaster response forces have been trained. The states shall draw from the state armed reserve forces,” Reddy said. “These forces, however, will be solely kept for handling disasters and not be pressed into [other] duties.”

The NDMA vice president said a drill would be carried out that would permit the CBRN response teams to practice maneuvers in a particular geography. “This way, they can act swiftly in times of need,” Reddy said.

Courtesy of GSN