Fears rise of CBRN attack on UK mainland

CONTEST has identified several factors which have increased the risk that terrorists may acquire and use CBRN weapons. These include a significant increase in the illicit trafficking of radiological materials; the availability of CBRN technologies on the internet; and the acquisition by terrorists of CBRN-related material used for legitimate purposes

Lord West, Minister for Security and former head of the Navy also said on Monday that there was a possibility that terrorists may use small craft to enter ports and launch an attack similar to events in Mumbai, 2008. It is feared that terrorists could transport a CBRN improvised explosive device up rivers and detonate it in the heart of some of Britain’s cities. Alongside London, Bristol, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow and Belfast are deemed to be vulnerable targets.

The full report can read here: http://www.defenceviewpoints.co.uk/articles-and-analysis/tackling-terrorist-cbrn-attacks-an-update