Chapelcross nuclear waste storage facility size increase approved

Plans have been approved to increase the size of a facility to store radioactive waste at the former Chapelcross nuclear plant.

Dumfries and Galloway Council had previously agreed smaller-scale proposals on the site near Annan.

The building will have a reinforced concrete floor about 60cm (2ft) thick and “shield walls” up to 45cm (18in).

It has been designed to be able to store intermediate level waste for up to 150 years.

It will be kept at the former nuclear plant until a final disposal location is available off-site.

The amendment to the Interim Storage Facility (ISF) is due to changes in packaging rather than an increase in the overall amount of waste to be stored.

Revised plans

Plans for a smaller facility were approved in 2014 and work has already started on its construction.

However, that had been paused to await approval of the revised plans.

It will now be able to resume and the larger storage facility constructed.

Chapelcross ceased power generation in 2004, with its landmark cooling towers later being pulled down.

Decommissioning work on the site is ongoing and final site clearance is expected to commence in 2085 and be completed by 2095.

Courtesy BBC News